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    RK Raspberry Ketone Kit for Weight Loss PLUS Skin Tightening

    Does your patient need to lose weight and lost it fast? Do they need to reduce cellulite and tighten skin at the same time? Look no further!

    This Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Plan comes in a complete kit and is designed to help address all these problems. Many women are able to shed extra weight while the RK Ultra Lean Body lotion includes the patented ingredient ReguĀ®-SLIM that helps cannibalize adipose (abnormal fat) and improve the appearance of cellulite and flabby skin.

    Your patients will be feeling and looking their best thanks to this weight loss plan. The Raspberry Ketone Ultra Lean body lotion includes the benefits of Raspberry Ketones, which is the aromatic aroma of raspberries that help influence Adiponectin (the hormone that helps the body that has a slow metabolism). Both men and women can benefit from the Raspberry Ketone weight loss plan. When searching for the best supplement for weight loss, many people find that the Raspberry Ketone weight loss plan works better than anything thing else they have tried before.

    The kit includes an easy-to-follow, comprehensive Guideline Booklet to help people through the plan, the RK Ultra Lean Anti-Cellulite / Skin Tightening Lotion, RK Pure 250, along with RK Detox Drops for rapid fat detoxification. The plan is based around helping improve metabolism and uses a low fat, balanced food plan consisting of all the food groups and the option to eat up to 8 times a day. The guideline booklet also contains recipes, approved foods, a Grocery Shopping List for the Diet, low-fat delicious recipes, a Daily food Tracker to help keep track of the foods, a Daily weight Tracker to track progress, a Grocery Shopping List with a list of all the foods recommended during the Transition off the Diet, details as to how best to transition off the Diet and easy to follow and easy to understand Maintenance guidelines to help keep the weight off! This program is NOT based on counting calories. People can take those calorie counting books and throw them AWAY!

    Results are typical but vary from person to person.

    The Raspberry Ketone Diet Plan is a complete kit that contains the benefits of RK Raspberry Ketone Ultra Lean lotion, Pure RK Raspberry Ketone (RK Pure 250), RK Raspberry Ketone Liquid Detox Drops as well as a complete Diet Guideline Booklet.

    This diet plan has benefits of abnormal fat loss along with the reduction of adipose tissue and smoother / tighter skin, detoxification, as well as HCG to help balance the hypothalamus and raspberry ketones that help balance Adiponectin, the hormone that supports metabolism.

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    DIRECTIONS: Complete directions are included in the RK Raspberry Ketone Diet Kit Guideline Booklet

    • Raspberry Ketone Diet Plan Direction Booklet
    • RK Raspberry Ketone Ultra Lean Body Lotion
    • RK Pure 250 capsules
    • RK Raspberry Ketone Liquid Detox Drops