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    Sta-Lean® is revolutionizing the concept of ‘keeping weight off’ after the hCG Diet. 

    Stay Lean Longer™!

    Sta-Lean 2 oz Spray Bottle


    A homeopathic combination remedy of multiple potencies of: HGH (human growth hormone) to fight aging and support muscle integrity; branch chain amino acids to support insulin resistance; pancreas; hypothalamus; serotonin and dopamine to support the depression often associated with eating disorders, weight problems and repeated dieting; other homeopathic minerals and homeopathics known to support the nervous system; and other specific homeopathics to address long-term compulsive eating.

    Additional Ingredients:

    5 Specific Bach Flowers have been carefully chosen and added to offer support, purpose and direction after losing weight, along with a renewed confidence to trust one’s ability to keep the weight off and to stop making the same mistakes. Walnut helps support a more permanent change.

    Cerato - trust ones ability and self - seek advice/self doubt

    Chestnut bud - stop making the same mistakes

    Gorse - encouragement / for people who feel hopelessness and despair

    Larch - increases confidence and reduces inferior feelings

    Walnut - to help in time of change

    Wild oat - gives purpose and direction / for people with lack of direction.

    Use immediately after the HCG Diet and DAILY for maintenance and stress: 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day (lasts approximately 6 - 7 weeks).

    For on-going, daily maintenance: helps increase muscle mass, fights aging and excellent to treat feelings of being out of balance. Stops sweet cravings; helps reduce risk of increased belly fat; and good for emotional eating and stress.