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    NOW AVAILABLE: A complete HCG Diet Kit for Detoxification, the HCG Diet and Maintenance

    Eliminates the need to purchase individual products and build HCG Diet patient kits.

    Included in the 6 HCG Diet Kit are the best core products for your patient on the HCG Diet, as well as the Complete Guideline Packet providing your Patient with complete directions. For a comprehensive program, order the patient complete the 7 Day Cleanse Kit and have them complete it before they start the HCG or Raspberry Ketone Diet Kit.

    Order as few as 1 HCG Diet Kit, or as many as you need.

    Remember you can drop ship these kits (or any of our products) to your patients anywhere in the USA and Canada. You collect from the patient for the Kit, order wholesale and then enter your patient name in the delivery address. Order only includes a packing list (no pricing is disclosed).

    Remember to charge your client shipping on a drop ship order to cover your shipping costs.

    For complete details of each product, ingredients and directions:

    Complete Directions are included in the Guidelines.

    HCG Diet Kit - Complete 6 Piece Kit Includes:

    • HCG Ultra Max Drops 2 oz (homeopathic)
    • Liquid Detox Drops 2 oz (homeopathic)
    • B-Max Lipotropic Drops 2 oz
    • Super Min-Plex Tablets
    • Sta-Lean with HGH Spray 2 oz (homeopathic)
    • Complete Guideline Directions
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    HCG Diet Kit

    Its nice to have all the necessities.

    So far so good. I'm happy to say that the detox drops are tasteless

    It is important to read the handout that comes with them as the directions on the bottle and the ones on the hand out are different.

    Economical and Practical

    • complete kit all in 1
    • no complaints
    These complete kits have made ordering and figuring my hard costs very easy. I am happy I can drop ship these to patients too!