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RK Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan Guideline Booklet

This high quality 29 page booklet gives your Raspberry Ketone Dieter complete directions how to do the diet program for rapid weight loss. It focuses on using RK Pure 250, RK Ultra Lean and a specific low-fat, low calorie food plan that is a replication of our revised HCG Diet.

These crisp, clean booklets contain complete instructions, including how to transition off the diet and follow a maintenance regime.

For the complete list, see 'What's in the Box'

29 page RK Rapid Weight Loss Guideline Booklet

  • Complete Directions for the RK Diet
  • Low fat, low calorie Simeon's type of diet for rapid weight loss
  • Dieting and cooking tip for the RK Diet
  • Grocery Shopping list for the RK Diet
  • Recipes for the RK Diet
  • Transition Directions
  • Transition Grocery Shopping list
  • Maintenance Directions
  • Caliper Measuring Chart
  • Tape Measuring Chart
  • Daily Weight Chart
  • Daily Food Monitoring Chart