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    Super Flora-Plex Advanced Probiotic

    Super Flora Plex and Mega-Acidophi-Plex have been-formulated and combined into ONE product for a "more advanced" pro-biotic.

    Super Flora-Plex Advanced Probiotic is designed to help build the good bacteria in the body, reduce sugar craving and help stabilize weight. New research has been published linking obesity to the imbalance of flora in the gut and an overgrowth of bad bacteria.

    Super Flora-Plex should be used every day for better immune and weight management.

    Probiotics have been defined by the World Health Organization as living bacteria that, in the proper amount, offer a considerable health benefit to its host. There are billions of friendly bacteria in the gut that are beneficial to the body and they are similar to the bacteria in probiotics.

    Few individuals know about the tiny, ever-busy microorganisms that inhabit the digestive systems, how vital they are to wellness, and what can be done to help them flourish.

    There are trillions of these microorganisms colonizing the surfaces and cavities of people’s bodies — there are ten times as many of them in and on bodies as there are human cells! When we’re healthy, it is in large part because they’re healthy. Called beneficial flora, these small friends help us digest and absorb food, shore up the immune system, detoxify noxious compounds, even contribute to the manufacture of essential vitamins. The term probiotics, discussed more often these days, refers to foods or supplements containing live beneficial microbes, primarily bacterial strains and yeast that can be used to fortify or rebuild the body’s own natural flora.

    Probiotics are suggested in many cases for people who have just completed antibiotic treatments. This helps replenish the healthy bacteria in the body and helps keep the body from falling ill with some other ailment.

    Probiotics may be helpful for people with the following conditions:

    • Chronic stomach inflammation
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Diarrhea from infection
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Respiratory infections
    • Tooth decay
    • Vaginal infections
    • Weakened immune system

    Probiotics can be helpful in the recovery from any of these problems but should not be considered their “cure”.

    Supplement Facts / 60 Capsules

    Effective DAILY dosage is at LEAST 5 billion micro-organisms a day. For 'RE-Inoculation" AFTER anti-biotics, take 1 capsule 3 times a day for up to 4 months.

    Ingredients include:

    • Bacillus Subtillus: a species of bacillus found in soil; some strains produce antibiotics

    • L. Rhamnosus: a bacterium sometimes used in yogurt and other dairy products and is claimed to colonize the digestive tract and to balance intestinal microflora

    • L. Casei: promotes an anti-inflammatory effect

    • Bifidobacterium Longum: one of most important inhabitants in the human body. This bacterium is very helpful because it maintains a normal digestive tract, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, and also boosts the immune system.

    • L. Acidophilus: part of natural flora, acidophilus inhibits pathogens by altering the pH through organic acid production

    • L. Plantarum: creates a healthy barrier in your colon to keep dangerous bacteria from penetrating the lining of your intestines and entering your blood stream

    • B. Breve: Bifidobacterium breve is essential for a proper colon functioning and is helpful for producing acetic acid and lactic acid.
     Amount Per Serving % DV† 
     Probiotic Bacteria 5.06 Billion Organisms** *
     Bacillus Subtillus 1.32 Billion** *
     L. Rhamnosus 680 Million** *
     L. Casei 680 Million** *
     B. Longum 680 Million** *
     L. Acidophilus 680 Million** *
     L. Plantarum 340 Million** *
     B. Breve 680 Million** *

    *daily recommended value not established

    **Potency at time of manufacture. This product should be kept refrigerated to maximize shelf-life and potency.

    NO salt, yeast, gluten, egg products, sugar, starch, or preservatives.

    Serving Size: 1  Capsule

    As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 capsules daily