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    The Ultimate HCG Diet Cookbook and Tips for the Revised Simeons’ HCG Diet

    Include this in your HCG Diet Program! Your patients will be looking for delicious ways to make HCG Diet meals, find unique tips and guidelines that are included in book.

    They can forget the boring single servings of one food groups on the HCG Diet. These recipes and food combinations have been clinically since early 2007 on HCG Dieters and proven to work. Not only do they allow additional foods, but also allow the HCG Dieter to mix and match foods in unique combinations not found in Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ original manuscript POUNDS and INCHES, nor from any other source!

    We have observed that clinics and websites are recommending adding protein powder, fake noodles and other chocolate products, only to end up sabotaging the HCG Dieters' results! Don't worry, these recipes and approved foods are fail proof and have been successfully used by 1000s of people around the Globe.

    The recipes have been carefully created and blended to satisfy cravings with more variety and combinations than anything you've tried yet. Included are also secrets as to how to correctly add spice for extra zest and even more flavor!

    "A special thanks goes out Dr. Golden's daughter Paige for many, many recipe contributions, the addition of a lot of great HCG Diet Tips we never thought of, and for her hours of tedious proofing and layout organizational skills; and to Marcia, Dr. Golden's office manager for proofing page after page and revision after revision for almost 2 years as this cookbook developed. Without their help this book NEVER would have been possible!"

    To read more, check out 'What's in the Box'.

    • 160+ delicious, chef-tested recipes that are" more than HCG Diet dishes
    • Grocery Shopping list of all the approved foods
    • Secrets as to how to correctly add spice for extra zest and even more flavor!
    • Appetizers
    • Beverages
    • Blender Bursts
    • Desserts
    • Fish and Seafood
    • Meats and Poultry
    • Salad Dressings
    • Salads
    • Soup, Broths, Marinades and Sauces
    • Seasonings
    • Vegetables


    • Gourmet recipes by world-renowned Chef Chouinard
    • HCG Diet Success Tips based on extensive clinical work
    • SURPRISE SECTION on Grissini Bread sticks and where and how to find the right ones!
    • POUNDS and INCHES by ATW Simeons
    • Update on new research since 2007!